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Why are systems important to the buy/sell process?

Written By: Harpreet Singh
May 9, 2012
Article #177

Systems are essential to making a customized and confidential process work for small business sellers and buyers.

Selling or buying a unique business is a one-of-a-kind project. Both sellers and buyers need to work with a brokerage firm that has developed well-thought-out systems to streamline the process.

Valuation Systems. Documenting and defending the value of our clients’ businesses is a critical first step. We help both sellers and buyer prospects understand this complicated subject by actually teaching them about it. Three of our team members are accredited professional business appraisers. All of us have access to the latest market data. Because we collaborate, every value opinion is a result of team input.

Confidentiality Systems. Time-tested methods are used for protecting our clients’ confidentiality. We explain our procedures to seller clients as well as to buyer prospects. We work to assure confidential transactions by habitual practice of confidentiality.

Marketing Systems. Combined efforts to sell many businesses geometrically improves the odds of selling any one. We use the latest technological tools, strengthened by years of experience. We have more brokers and more businesses for sale than our competitors. We are leaders in the new “social networking.” But, we also have the old-fashioned common sense to help our clients and customers create good deals with each other. We are the “old pros” with new tools!

Screening & Qualifying Systems. Screening and qualifying both businesses and buyer prospects is a learned art. Outstanding marketing packages that people expect from us are the product of our demanding approach to market research before we take a business to market. Buyer prospects are carefully vetted before confidential client information is disclosed. Care in this process saves everyone time.

Negotiation & Closing Systems. We know how and where to get help when we need it. Lawyers, accountants, bankers, appraisers, inspectors, and many others needed to get a deal done are already well known to us. Three decades and four recessions worth of experience at getting to closings on time is our secret weapon.

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