Businesses Sold


Business Name Listing Price
Lathrop Chevron$2,300,000
Orlando Liquor$2,100,000
Circle K $1,800,000
Chuck's Place (Gas Station)$1,300,000
Sport Stop (Gas Station)$995,000
Village Oaks Shopping Center$900,000
SuperWay Market$600,000
Golden State Food & Gas$580,000
ARCO - Tony's One Stop$550,000
Airport Way Apartment$550,000
Prescott Liquor$549,000
Country Cousin Super Market$525,000
Waterford Chevron$499,000
Jacks Gas$450,000
Subway - E Yosemite Ave$400,000
Frontier Town General Store$390,000
Carbona Liquor$350,000
Handi Stop Liquor 4$325,000
Liquor Cabinet$325,000
76 Mini Mart$325,000
Save Mor Supermarket$325,000
Glory Hole Sports & Gas$300,000
Charter Way LaundryMat$295,000
Strip Center $290,000
Fiesta Market$280,000
Plaza Liquor # 1 & Gas$250,000
Subway - N 10th St$250,000
7 Star Food & Liquor$250,000
Carbona Food & Liquor$240,000
76 Gas - Vineyard At Coffee Rd$199,000
Canelos Market$199,000
Johnny's Sandwich & Market$195,000
Paul's Liquor$180,000
One Stop Gas & Food$175,000
Park Side Store & Deli$160,000
Quick N Save$159,000
A-1 Liquor$155,000
P & S 76 Grass Valley$150,000
Valley Liquors$150,000
Gloria Jean's Coffee$150,000
J & J Liquor$150,000
Tarasco Market$150,000
Quiznos Sub$150,000
Waterloo LaunderLand$145,000
Gary's Drive In & Paradise Speed Queen Laundry$145,000
Baskin Robbins$140,000
Midas Auto Shop$115,000
Gas & Food Market$109,000
Figaro's Pizza$99,000
At the Pier$90,000
My Laundry$85,000
Pizza Restaurant$75,000
Wash & Dry$70,000
Bamboo Cafe $53,000
Metro Pizza$40,000
BBS Smoke Shop$12,000
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